Dr. David Phillips is an Author and Artist. He has authored several books and enjoys painting modern and surrealistic art.

David has a Holistic view of human health. He discovered an ancient spiritual healing method known as Alchemy based on the Inner Spiritual Path. Alchemy was taught in the ancient Wisdom Mystery Schools for thousands of years to maintain physical health and emotional wellness and prevent illness.

David and Katherine Wood founded, an online Wisdom Mystery School, to teach the Alchemical path of transformation through works of fiction and the creative arts. The Library Sophia’s mission is to inspire personal growth and healing through self-discovery. Personal growth and self-healing are an Alchemical journey of transformation and creativity.

David and Katherine established, a Publishing and Media company. Its mission is to inspire and educate through the Arts and Entertainment.

Information, material, and mythology are provided for educational and entertainment purposes. For professional medical and psychological advice please consult your health care provider.



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