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Dr. David Phillips is an Author and Artist. He has a Holistic view of human health. He acquired knowledge and understanding by studying Holistic Health practices outside of Western Medicine and metaphysical areas Western science didn’t explore. He understands the role of spiritual practices to maintain physical health and emotional wellness and to treat health conditions.

David enjoys the seashore on the Maine coast and recreation in the mountains. Being in Nature is therapeutic for our spirit and soul. He travels and studies ancient cultures, spiritual traditions, Art History, and Holistic Health. He enjoys Mystery, writing, painting, and Art.

Dr. Phillips is Board Certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine. He has a Master’s Degree in Public Health and trained in Medical Acupuncture at the Helms Institute in Berkley, California. He studied Asian Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, Jungian Psychology, and Joseph Campbell’s method of comparative Mythology, Religion, Spiritual Traditions, and Art History.

Dr. Phillips practices Preventive Medicine and Medical Acupuncture in the Portland, Maine area.

Dr. Phillips graduated from Tufts Medical School and trained in Boston. He first practiced in Emergency Medicine and Occupational Health. He discovered the need for a Preventive Medicine model to prevent health conditions and to rehabilitate injuries. He practices Preventive Medicine and Rehabilitation in the Portland, Maine area.

Katherine Wood is our Business Manager. She is a Reiki Master, student of life, Author, and Artist. Katherine worked in Health Care Administration. She majored in English at the University of Southern Maine and studied Jungian Psychology, Mythology, Spiritual Traditions, Religion, and Art.

Katherine enjoys gardening, cooking, meditation, yoga, and her grandchildren. Curious by nature, she likes to read, travel, explore new destinations, and painting. Her medium is acrylic paints. She is inspired by photos, portraits, and surrealism.

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